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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rove + New Hampshire = Voter Fraud

Rove + New Hampshire = "enough rope to hang himself"
My theory of the nature of those phone calls to and from the WH is that Rove had fake Democrats planted in NH, who had caller ID on their phone lines so they could get the phone numbers of the Democratic Party phone banks as they called to organize their GOTV drive.

When one of these Rovian operatives got a call from the Dems, they would call the phone number in to Karl, who relayed it to the perpetrators in NH, who then called and jammed those lines.

Rove was too arrogant to believe he would ever face scrutiny for this, his hubris is classical.

But now that the Dems have a gavel or two, I suspect they will use it to hammer out a case against Karl, there has already been one lacky of the guilty parties to go to prison for this crime, seems like the mastermind might be held responsible before its over.

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