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Sunday, March 18, 2007

85 US Attorneys as co-conspirators?

Let me press the issue of the SURVIVING US-A's, if Iowa is any indicator, there is an ongoing conspiracy against Democrats, by Republican planted US-A's, and it may have actually accelerated since this exposure of their colleagues questionable removal and replacements.

Matt McCoy, the Democratic state senator from Des Moines' south side, is being persecuted in a classic case of entrapment, by the US-A that was appointed to that district.

If there's a provable passel of politics in this process, wouldn't these US-A's themselves be subject to some serious scrutiny from Congress? One thing is for certain, it immediately opens the door for McCoy's defense attorney to demand charges be dropped.

This political hackery makes our US-A's impotent.

When they can't be trusted to keep politics out of the legal process, they surrender their legal credibility and provide a very good case for the defense to use against all of them, regardless of the guilt or innocence of the defendant. And when 85 of them agree to it, nationwide, does that constitute a conspiracy?

But am I using the term "conspiracy" too loosely here?

Or is it really quite accurate?

If there is clear evidence (8 to 1 prosecutions against Dems vs. Reps should be proof enough) of a mutual agreement between these Loyalists, to "go after" Dems, and more than one of them agreed to this plan, isn't that, essentially, a conspiracy?

From what I've read about "bushies" in these emails, it would appear there are about 85 co-conspirators we can be sure were involved (93-8), and at least two DOJ administrators, AND old TBlossom hissef', it all seems to be in those emails.

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