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Sunday, March 18, 2007

A team effort...

Lest we all forget, the Executive Branch is a TEAM, not one person...

Anyone like to take turn to name the president's WHOLE team?

(I have only listed those who I feel I have a qualified opinion about, maybe some of you folks can fill in some of my blanks...)

President: John Edwards
Vice-President: Barrack Obama
Secretary of State: Bill Richardson
Secretary of Energy: Al Gore
Secretary of Defense: General Shinseki
Attorney General: Paul Hodes or Patrick Fitzgerald
Secretary of Agriculture: Tom Harkin
Secretary of Labor: Dick Gephart
Secretary of Education: Tom Vilsack
Secretary of Veterans' Affairs: Max Cleland
Secretary of Health and Human Services: Howard Dean
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Dennis Kucinich
Secretary of the Treasury:
Secretary of the Interior:
Secretary of Commerce:
Secretary of Transportation:
Secretary of Homeland Security:
and my own suggestion for Edwards' newest cabinet postion,

"Secretary of Equality" (the poverty czar)- Jimmy Carter

Related positions worth some opinions;
UN Delegate: Bill Clinton
Majority Leader: Hillary Clinton (a masterful parliamentarian)
Speaker: Nancy Pelosi (she's doing a MUCH better job than most people can know about.)

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