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Friday, March 21, 2008

Why was Spitzer targeted?

Here's a link to the editorial in reference.

And lets not forget, it was his own bank that snitched on Spitzer.
Thanks to the folks at Brasscheck TV (here's a link to their sign-up page, anyone who wants to keep tabs on the most egregious of the Republican and Bush shenanigans, sign up and start getting their emails.)


We MUST ask the hard questions, folks, if we are ever to get a handle on our rogue government. And the connection between the OCC's abdication of it's duties and the White House's part in that crime, is one of those questions. When our watchdogs become enablers for the criminals they are supposed to watch out for, we have lawlessness. If there ever was an age of "The Rule of Lawlessness" is is NOW!

One note of warning; Any Democrat out there will need to be (or become) squeaky-clean in their daily lives, Spitzer's double life and the secrets of all our lawmakers have been compromised by the FISA fiasco. There are no secrets any more.