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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Domenici and Stevens... two of the white elephants of modern government.

Seems to me these two represent a "club" of unwilling, unwitting members, made up of formerly uber-powerful "Uncle Teds." Their influence was both pervasive and pernicious, and their "benefits" benefited only the rich, often at the expense of the middle class and the poor.

Just think about the power some of these "white elephants" have wielded under the Bush dynasty... and even throughout the Clinton years. They have produced enough pork to feed the world's poor (but unfortunately that's not where it went)...

Who else belongs on the Senate "white elephant" list?

Anyone who thinks there is a guaranteed "red" Senate seat left in the entire country is ignoring their own state demographics, and the parade of corruption the Republicans have put on for us over the past seven years. There's a much-longer list of Senators "out there" who belong in this club. Before November 2008, it will include even such venerated neocon enablers as Pat Roberts, the KS-R Delay-clone who refused to investigate the lies that led us into war, when he had the power to do so.

I don't suggest that the Republicans won't keep SOME of those seats, but they are not likely to pick up any new ones, and more of those "old ones" are not nearly as safe as they have been in the past.

Re: Domenici and Stevens.

There may be some pro-war congressional districts 'out there' still, but as for the Senate, you would be hard pressed to find an entire state that is still 50% pro-war, thus pro-Republican.

The Senate is in for a bigger shake-up than even most of us here on "the blogs" imagine...

It will be historic.

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