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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Cause and Effect: fix the real estate market at the same time!

Put the money where the market is!!!

Sorry to bend the blogs so blatantly, but this is an issue that will not wait, an idea that needs "vetting," very quickly, if it is to have the mollifying effect it should.

I am mystified that in response to the market's drop over the past few days, the Fed is loaning us back some of our commonwealth, through the banks of course. Isn't that tantamount to taxing "The People" then loaning it back through the banks, so the banks make interest on it?

Why not do something to directly influence the real estate market, which is going to be the first domino to fall if they do not make a focused effort to intervene.

I don't know if anyone will read this who could ever do something with it, but there's still some serious cause and effect logic in giving every Iraqi vet a $100,000 real-estate bonus, to use for one of two purposes: either put all of it towards paying down their existing home loan, or to use as a large down-payment to buy a new home.

That approximately $35-45 billion would be a pure booster shot for the real estate market, and the economy as a whole, salvaging the wayward mortgage markets in the process..

Instead of trickling back into the economy through the banks (aren't we borrowing our own money then?) the Fed should dole it out through the VA, to assure only that it goes directly into the real estate market. And that kind of down payment would assure they could get much safer loans than the types now ballooning, at fixed rates that remained consistent. For some, it would mean paying off their loans entirely.

The banks would be winners, too, they would get the immediate cash influx, representing renewed security on their existing investments, and it would be tax free, all the way around, a one-time windfall write-off.

This puts a big patch directly on the sinking real-estate ship that is threatening to swamp all the other ships in our economic waters, if it is allowed to go down so precipitously. Stop the first domino from falling, the rest remain upright...

Time is short. Just having this conversation on the floor of the House would boost the real-estate markets. And if there ever was a demographic group that would both benefit from and benefit others with this, it is the Iraqi war vets.

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