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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who's working for The Devil?

A fitting epitaph on the Bush Imperial Supreme Court;

"for the LOVE of money is the root of many evils." 1stTimothy v6



In what may have been the most pro-business U.S. Supreme Court term in decades, standing out as companies' No. 1 ally was no small feat.

Justice Samuel Alito managed it in his first full year.

As the court term ended, Alito emerged as the justice friendliest to the interests of corporations. He sided with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the nation's largest business lobby, in 13 of 14 cases this term, more often than any of his colleagues. He cast votes to limit punitive damages, ease regulation and restrict suits by investors, consumers and alleged victims of job bias.

"On the cases where it's possible to differentiate the justices, he's been on the pro-business side every time," said Roy Englert, a Washington lawyer with Robbins Russell Englert Orseck & Untereiner who won a telecommunications case he argued before the court this year.
Alito played a central role in what Robin Conrad, executive vice president of the chamber's litigation unit, called an "absolutely stellar term" -- the best in the unit's 30-year history. The court under Chief Justice John Roberts ruled against the chamber in only two cases, both environmental fights.

I was trying to explain to a young, new voter recently just why Republican Senators will likely suffer more than many Republican Congressmen, an I think I gave her a good answer.Senators represent their entire state, and that means in EVERY state they represent a majority constituency that opposes the "war."But if you break a state down into its House of Representatives demographic divisions, you get much smaller territories, and much narrower political interests, it may even may represent a very specific political group, especially when gerrymandering has been practiced in defining hose boundaries(such as all the rich, pampered Republicans living in the gated communities of California's District 3, surrounded by some of California's poorest people.)

It it also quite common, particularly in the South where racial problems remain so prevalant, for congressional enclaves to be molded around ethnic, economic or racial interests, rather than just population.

Remember the Texas map after Delay's thugs got done with it?

So, inherently, Congresspeople represent a much more specific constituency than a Senator, and they must respond to their own territorial majority, Republican or Democrat, in order to stay in office.But Senators represent the entire state, and therefore must weigh the opinion of a broader constituency against their own and their party interests.

Which is why Senators who are caught up in this transition are much more likely to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous political misfortune, if they refuse to represent the majority will of their state's voters.And if the trend of public enlightenment into the Bush subterfuge(s) continues, it won't be long before even those reddest of red districts will also have a majority opposed to the war.

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