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Friday, July 20, 2007

just a note...

Senatorial Threatened Species?

Do you suppose there are ten Republican senators who know if they do not support impeachment, they will not get re-elected? And how many more of them already realize their support of Bush's "war" will cost them their chair?

Any Senator still supporting Bush's "war" will become a very threatened species when The People get to vote again. And I would suggest, if you look at the signs, a lot of Senators have already realized it, and are just weighing their bully, Bush era Republican pride against their popular electability.

The longer they take to weigh their obvious and inevitable conclusion against that vain error, the more likely they will bear the weight of Bush's burden at election time.

As for riots in the streets, and all our tinfoil-hats a-tingling lately, I believe, by now, we should have civilized ourselves beyond the need for mob response. We have so little influence on the timelines of this "war", insurrection would never solve that problem.

To be brutally honest, I think we are trapped in the profiteer's calendar, when it comes to the timelines we can demand, and only massive oil concessions from the Iraqis will satiate them.

And, except that we will numbly consume it all, we have no influence over that final oil contract, besides our opinions from afar. It will take another major U.S. election to weigh the balance fully against these lawless rogues, and ironically, that gives them their one way out, and I hope to God they do not even ponder creating any delays to that glorious day, because I do not want to die in the streets, fighting a Revolution my ancestors already won. Those election dates are the only way we can change this mess, and denying us for any reason is tantamount to a declaration of dictatorship.

But I expect that they will take their multi-trillion-dollar redistribution-of-wealth booty off to The Bahamas or Dubai and slobber over it happily. They already got what they wanted, we just have to hope it was enough.

I do hold out hope that some of their more egregious misdeeds (let me count the ways) will be put under the spotlight of unrestricted justice, soon after their Grand Protector, (that High Crimes addict,) has lost his pardon powers, which he fully intends to profane. Andy work we do before then should be purely for the purpose of thorough investigation. And no doubt, a Cheney Impeachment would provide the perfect privilege-free environment for it.

But we must wait until the next president to actually lay charges against the criminals, because by convicting them before Bush is gone, we give them a get-out-of-jail-free card. However, we can use this time, and the Democratic Party gavel, to gather in "The Truth" that has not been deleted or destoryed.

One last note; if something should happen that threatens those election deadlines we have come to trust, then I will rejoin you all in the streets, and we can start the civilized thing up again, immediately after they give us our elections back.

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