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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Would the REAL John McCain please stand up?

One more big thanx to Robert Greenwald at Brave New Films for this collection of contrasting McCain flip-flops.

Just a note to the armchair and professional psychologists and psychiatrists ou there, I am beginning to think McCain may have dual personalities, at times it seems as if his two faces don't remember what each other said. Either he is growing more senile by the day, or he's got some serious conflicting personalities vying for control of the man. Or he is a pathological liar.

And I don't mean this as snark, the thought of a Jeckyl/Hyde President should make us all stop to ponder the implications.

I suppose the big question would be, which one will have their finger on the button?

"Flip" McCain or "Flop" McCain?

Also, if you want to stay on top of the McCain flip-flops, no one covers it better than Cliff Schecter on his "Silo" blog at the FDL mothersite, and his book "The Real McCain", you can find it by clicking this link...