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Sunday, May 25, 2008

More McCain Hypocrisy! Fundraising Felonies at $86,200 each!

By Dan Morain,
Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
May 25, 2008

From the San Joaquin Valley to Wall Street, John McCain has been headlining a series of high-dollar Republican fundraisers, including one at a billionaire's gated home here that asked couples to make donations of $86,200. (so much for contribution limits...) The events combine fundraisers for McCain's presidential campaign with those for the national and state GOP. They will help ensure that the longtime advocate for campaign finance restrictions will have the money to compete in the presidential election, even as some say the events call into question his credentials as a reformer.

For a single $2,300 donation to McCain, donors received a lapel pin. (pseudo-Patriotism has its rewards!) But the invitation made clear McCain wanted couples to arrive with checks for as much as $86,200. At other fundraisers, couples have been encouraged to give $140,000 or more.


Former Univison Chairman A. Jerrold Perenchio, MGM Chairman Harry Sloan and eight others promised to raise $250,000 each. According to the invitation, they will "receive a Private Greet with Senator McCain, a Private Reception with Photo Opportunity and Premier Seating at Dinner." (just what is ego-stroking worth these days?) Eleven others pledged to raise $125,000 each, while 16 others promised to raise between $43,100 and $86,200.

"All the events are in the seven-figure range," (an ongoing felony, unless I am mistaken, didn't McCain already sign the legal agreement to take public financing?) said a member of McCain's fundraising committee, who was not authorized to speak for the campaign and therefore asked for anonymity. Pointing to the cost of the fall campaign, the person said: "The only way you will get there is to have people write these larger checks."

To attract high-rollers to Spanos' estate, Schwarzenegger was a featured guest, as was former Gov. Pete Wilson. Florida real estate entrepreneur Mel Sembler, former ambassador to Italy and a longtime friend of Spanos, was one of 13 co-chairs, a designation indicating that each had raised $25,000 minimum."The RNC's job, first and foremost, above all else, is to elect a president," Sembler said. "Everything else is secondary. Nothing is more important. (How about integrity and truth? On this point I will take them at their word... nothing, not even our constitution, matters more to these monopolists in capitalist clothing, than getting another Wall Street-managed President into office...)

Nothing else takes precedence."Sembler, a former RNC finance chairman, and his family have given more than $1 million in the last decade to Republican candidates and causes, and at least $20,700 to McCain this year.
(They break their own laws with impunity, while they hold everyday voters to legal ID standards that inhibit participation in the process. They really DO want a government of, by and for the rich, if this isn't proof I don't know what is...)