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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The DCCC/Obama contribuion pledge

Let me invite my fellow Obama supporters to make a pledge that ON THE DAY AFTER HILLARY CONCEDES we WILL give another $25.08 to the Obama campaign, and just for good luck and to encourage party unity, $25.08 to the DCCC.

$50,000,000 in pledges on the day after Hillary concedes ought to impress even the DLCers.And I am sure Van Hollen could find a way to use that other $50,000,000 for those down-ticket races.

Here's what we can do about it. just click this link and send Van Hollen a pledge/promise that you will contribute $25.08 to the DCCC the day after Hillary concedes, and another $25.08 to the Obama campaign.

Don't send any emails to the campaign itself, just make sure you include in your letter to Van Hollen that $25.08 is going to the campaign and $25.08 is going to the DCCC, then let the DCCC tell the campaign about it.

But don't make the contribution until Hillary concedes.

If you want, copy and paste this letter in your email;

Congressman Van Hollen:
I am at this time making a pledge that the day after Hillary Clinton concedes this race, I will contribute $25.08 to the DCCC and $25.08 to the Obama campaign.

Plain and simple... and your .08 will always identify you as one of these pledge signers.

Mass bribery, you say?

Not hardly. This is public financing at its most powerful.

Anyone else want to join the pledge list?