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Friday, August 10, 2007

Bang Bang, Waxman's Wooden Hammer...

Monica was skeptical,
She was too respectable,
For a real law school.
Late nights all alone back at Regent.
oh oH OH OH!!!

Ky-ull Sampson,
working for the Rovian,
Calls her on the phone.
"Can we get these a-ttorneys fired,
Mon- ick- uh?"

But as they put those names on the list,
A knock comes on the door.

Bang! Bang! Waxman's wooden hammer
came down upon the desk...
Bang! Bang! Waxman's wooden hammer
exposed what they had said...

Back in charge again.
Henry deals the cards for them.
Davis (Cannon, Lungren) gets annoyed.
Wishing to avoid an unpleasant Sce, e, e, ene,

He tells Henry "shut-up-and-cut-Monica,
A-break because she's blond,"
Whining when she sobs,
"It must not be So, o, o, o.."

But as she winks at those dirty-old-men,
He lifts the gavel high...

Bang! Bang! Waxman's wooden hammer
Came down upon the desk.
Bang! Bang! Waxman's wooden hammer,
Henry, you're the best!

said, "We found a secret here."
Henry stands alone
Painting testimonial pictures.
OOH -AHH, Uh Oh!!

Joe and Valerie, standing in the gallery
Watched old Scoot go free..
The judge does not agree
and he tells them So, o, o, o.

But as the cast walks out of the court,
A noise comes from behind.

Bang! Bang! Waxman's wooden hammer
Came down, that tough old slueth.
Bang! Bang! Waxman's wooden hammer
Made sure we knew the truth..

Whoa, oh, oh, oh. Wooden hammer.

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