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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Tuesday News

Cheney impeachment gains steam and sponsors..
The NEWEST Heroes of Democracy...
Here's a look at the Kucinich Cheney Impeachment co-sponsors, along with the date they signed on with Kucinich:
Lacy Clay (Mo.) - May 1:
Son of former Rep. Bill Clay (D-Mo.), this St. Louis lawmaker is a member of the Out of Iraq Caucus.
Janice D. Schakowsky (Ill.) - May 1:
Joined Clay in being the first co-sponsors with Kucinich to the articles of impeachment.
Albert R. Wynn (Md.) - May 10:
Wynn, who narrowly survived a primary challenger from his left in 2006, is facing a rematch early next year with Donna Edwards, who criticized his vote in 2002 in support of the Iraq war.
Yvette D. Clarke (N.Y.) - June 6:
One of three freshmen to co-sponsor Cheney's impeachment.
Barbara Lee (Calif.) - June 7:
One of the House's most anti-war members, Lee's most famous vote was the lone 'nay' vote against the 2001 resolution giving President Bush authority to wage war in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.
Lynn C. Woolsey (Calif.) - June 7:
In her 8th term, Woolsey is the second-longest-serving member to back impeachment. (Waters, in her 9th term, is the veteran of the group.)
Maxine Waters (Calif.) - June 12:
One of 7 members of the Congressional Black Caucus supporting impeachment, Waters is the co-founder of the Out of Iraq Caucus.
Keith Ellison (Minn.) - June 28:
A stir developed when freshman Ellison, the first Muslim in Congress, announced he would be sworn in with a copy of the Koran. He eventually used a copy once owned by Thomas Jefferson.
Hank Johnson (Ga.) - June 28:
One of three members of the House Judiciary Committee to officially back impeachment, Johnson is a former judge. (Waters and Ellison are the other members of Judiciary, the committee that has jurisdiction over Kucinich's bill.)
Jim McDermott (Wash.) - June 28:
Here's link to McDermott's floor speech and video from his floor speech announcing his support of Cheney's impeachment. McDermott's co-sponsorship is so new that it does not yet register on Thomas, the official web site of the Library of Congress.
These are some of MY heroes of Democracy...who are yours?

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