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Monday, March 19, 2007

A very suspicious connection; numbers never lie, only people do..

Was Carol Lam Targeting The White House Prior To Her Firing?

From the folks at "Think Progress"

"To recap, the White House awarded a one-month, $140,000 contract to an individual who never held a federal contract. Two weeks after he got paid, that same contractor used a cashier’s check for exactly that amount to buy a boat for a now-imprisoned congressman at a price that the congressman had pre-negotiated."

Blogger's note: PLEASE, if ever there was a story you needed to check, this is the one.

This may be the political mushrooom cloud we've all been expecting as the corruption scandals begin to melt into one big Cheney/Bush tale of intrigue, greed and the profane sellout of our government, in a pay-for-play travesty that may well prove to be even worse than everything we ever suspected.

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